Message from Tionna L. Jenkins, O'nita Lee Foods, C.E.O.

We’re a family-owned, fully-licensed, insured wholesale food manufacturing company, operating in an FDA approved facility, specializing in small-batch, hand-crafted jams, granola and other packaged foods and products located in the state of Arkansas.  

Our food products are hand-crafted to perfection in small batches. Sourced from local and regional farmers, our products are both safe for vegan & gluten friendly consumers, with minimal organic sugar and no preservatives or pectin lending to an authentic and creative taste that is bursting with real flavors and beyond delicious for all to enjoy. 

As a child, I grew up watching my grandmothers create delicious recipes that were handed down through our family. 

They used simple ingredients, and created them in such a way where the plants, herbs and spices were essential. Hence, our delicious food product line, O’nita Lee Foods is attributed to my grandmothers.  

It was truly a farm to table concept in motion. 

I was fascinated by the process and knew from a young age the impact that food would bring, whether through building stronger connections amongst friends or celebrating family, O’nita Lee Foods, does exactly what it is meant to do, bringing delicious foods right into the homes of family and friends. 

From our family to yours with all sincerity and love, we hope you enjoy our food products as much as we do!

From Tionna, R.J., Savannah, and Alexandria.

Generations of Goodness!

Mary Jane Smith Porchia

Odessa Porchia-Starks

Mary Lee Scott


Why O’nita Lee Granola?

We only use the very best in gluten free granola. Each batch is freshly baked to order and carefully crafted to ensure a bursting flavor and crunchy texture.  Our granola is mixed and baked to perfection, using our special propriety blend, with no oil used in the process.  We keep it fresh, with only real ingredients.


Why O’nita Lee Cookies?

Only using the best ingredients with no animal products allowed and 100% vegan, we know that you, your family and friends will enjoy these delectable cookies.  Each batch is baked to perfection in small-batches to ensure the utmost quality with each bite you taste.


Why O’nita Lee Jams?

We do not use artificial colors, flavoring, pectin, thickeners, stabilizers, or extra sugar to thicken our products. We keep it fresh, with only real ingredients.

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