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Chocolate Chip (12 Cookies / 1 Dozen)

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Brand: Onita Lee Foods & Products

Original Chocolate Chip:
Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and delicious all around is the vibe and taste you will instantly enjoy with your very first bite of O’nita Lee Original Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So delicious, you will not believe they are vegan, and oh, so good! If you want amazingly delicious cookies, like the O’nita Lee Original Chocolate Chip cookie, complemented with our hand-crafted (non-dairy) buttercream icing, you want to order these today!

Directions: Refrigeration is not necessary, but you can absolutely place it in the refrigerator if you love chill cookies. However, you can also keep them in a dry space at room temperature and feel free to warm them up a bit in the microwave (remove the plastic wrapper prior to) for 5 to 8 seconds if you enjoy warm cookies.

Always make sure to re-seal (close) the bag to ensure quality and consume the cookies between 5 to 7 days of opening. Our cookies are freshly made and we want you to taste all of the freshness of each packaged cookie.

Ingredients: Available in vegan options only, inclusive of vegan chocolate chips. Our Original Chocolate Chip Cookies are complemented by our delicious (dairy-free) buttercream icing. All buttercreams are made fresh, in-house daily. Please make sure to consume within 5 to 7 days after opening.

Sizes & Quantity: 12 Mini Cookies - 1 Dozen

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